We are handcraft workshop in Kyiv, Ukraine. We design and manufacture Hi-Fi speakers and various furniture for home audio-video equipment. By combining the efforts of crafting experts and true music lovers, we are able to deliver an exceptional sound and exclusive design of our products.

Our main goal is to play music. Reproduction of atmosphere, mood and emotions with high fidelity are fundamental philosophy of creating any model of our speakers. Each new development is always a challenge and our guiding principle is to achieve the most balanced and expressive sound.

We are not limited by only engineering approach. Calculations, measurements, drawings and layouts are just the beginning of any our project. It is an important part of work, but it is not enough. “The best parts in an ideal box” by themselves are not a guarantee of a good result. Of course, without the necessary hardware, it’s simply not possible to create a speaker with high-quality balanced sound, but we do not rely solely upon them. Our approach is based on the combination of the best available parts and materials and stringent real time sound quality control with a variety of music genres by to achieve a living sound. We create our speakers in this way because the final impression about how clearly music is transmitted occurs only after listening.

Our products are hand-made with precisely tuned sound settings. Speakers development is creative and at the same time responsible process. From the sketches, layouts, measurements, auditions, numerous adjustments and to the last refinements, the goal is achieved – life-like sound.

Join us. Choose a quality sound. It does not really matter what you want to do either listening to your favorite album or watching a movie, because high-quality living sound can only enhance your emotions!