Crossovers for Eminence

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I was approached by a customer to help make crossovers for his speakers, which he created himself on the basis of coaxial speakers Eminence.
So, in order.

Made by the customer, the acoustic parameters of the cabinets meet the recommendations of the manufacturer of Eminence speakers. The parameters of the speakers and acoustic design of the cabinets measured by me confirm their optimal parameters. I adjusted the parameters of the bass reflex port by accurately selecting its length according to the frequency response and impedance measurements.

Crossovers made by the author of the speakers purely by theoretical calculations without taking into account the characteristics of the speakers Eminence did not provide a satisfactory sound to the speakers. I have developed new crossovers for these loudspeakers. I want to note that for the development and fine-tuning of crossovers are not enough programs for theoretical calculations. Therefore, you can rely on the calculated data only at the initial stage, and then you need to adjust the crossovers on the results of acoustic and electrical measurements with mandatory live control of the sound of speakers.Otherwise, created purely on the basis of calculated data crossover is guaranteed not to give you the desired sound of your speakers. Unfortunately, many interesting DIY projects stop at this stage without carefully adjusting the crossovers and, of course, do not meet the expectations of their authors.
I will try to bring this project to the level of high-quality speakers that play music in an interesting and exciting way and give you the pleasure of listening. To do this, I will create new filters taking into account all the objective and subjective properties of the speakers and cabinets in which they are installed.

Microphone measurements of characteristics of individual speakers, creation of several variants of prototype crossovers, measurements of frequency properties of loudspeaker systems, test listening, adjustment of denominations of details, fine tuning and testing of sound of loudspeakers with the final version of filters. And finally – the development and manufacture of boards, final installation of crossover parts, testing, ok!
I adjust the crossovers until the speakers sound as transparently as possible subjectively and until the acoustic measurements show the most equal amplitude-frequency response. Why is so important? All speakers have their own character of sound and their inherent sound “color”, these speakers Eminence is no exception. Therefore, crossovers must effectively remove the sound “color” of the speakers. This is achieved by adjusting the frequency response of the crossover as much as possible “mirror” to the frequency response of the speakers. And it creates a transparent “uncolored” sound of speakers.

Details of crossovers.
Inductors from the Ukrainian manufacturer Vajd-Audio: frameless, large, wound with thick wire and have air cores. Coils are made to order. Capacitors and resistors from well-known European manufacturers Monacor and Jantzen.

Final characteristics of the speaker:
• Frequency range: 45 Hz – 16 kHz
• Frequency response uniformity: ± 3 dB
• Sensitivity of 96 dB / W / m
• Dynamic heads: Beta 12CX + Psd20002
• Acoustic design: 100 l housing, 145 cm phase inverter and 46 Hz tuning frequency
• Filters: 2nd order with frequency correction and frequency distribution at 1.8 kHz
• Resistance: 8 Ohms (min. 5.8 Ohm, max. 25 Ohm)

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