Built-in speaker system

Designed for concealed installation in walls and ceilings.
Great for front, side, top surround sound channels in home theater and multiroom systems

2 – way speakers with low-medium and high-frequency drivers in a miniature closed cabinet

The shape of the case and its design is optimally designed to prevent internal resonances. It is made of 19 mm thick MDF panels, the inner volume is separated by stiffening ribs and evenly filled with sound-absorbing material

Speakers from the world-famous manufacturer Seas, which have excellent characteristics. Diffusers of low-medium frequency drivers are made of paper pulp and reinforced with fibers. The tweeter has a light silk dome diaphragm

Specially designed and precisely tuned filters provide uniform amplitude-frequency response and neutral natural sound. The filter circuits use high-quality elements with high nominal accuracy, inductors are made to order

The front panel of the cabinet can be decorated with veneer (more than 50 varieties), painted with enamels from the RAL color palette with a matte or glossy finish. Decorative frame made of acoustically transparent fabric has hidden magnetic mounts or clips. The texture and color of the visible parts can be matched to the design of your interior

Loudspeaker is designed for concealed installation in the construction of walls or ceilings. The front panel is removable, the main body is attached to the structures of the walls or ceiling


System 2-way, closed box
Type Passive
Drivers Hi – ∅28mm, Mid/Low – ∅165mm
Crossovers 3.200 Hz, 2nd order
Frequency response 80 Hz – 22.000 Hz, ±2 dB
Sensitivity 88 dB/1W/1m
Impedance 8 Ω
Power 80 W
Dimensions (H х W х D) 380 х 380 х 170 mm
Weight 6 kg