Our workshop has been specialized in the production of Hi-Fi and Hi-End speakers for over 10 years. During this time, thanks to the combined efforts of craftsmen and true music lovers, we have achieved a high level of sound quality and design of our products.

The main purpose that we embody in our speakers is to reproduce the emotions of music. The atmosphere, the mood, the intonations of the performers are always present in the recordings of music, so the audio system should not only reproduce “sound” but also the integrity and completeness of the emotions of music. Each model of our speakers combines a balanced and expressive emotional sound.

Creating speakers is not only limited to engineering solutions. Accurate calculations, measurements, drawings and layouts are important and integral steps in any project, but not sufficient. Our approach is based on a combination of engineering solutions and live sound control using a variety of music recordings. In fact, only live listening is a decisive and accurate assessment of the sound quality of audio systems and speakers.

Our products are based on handmade production with precise sound tuning and speaker performance control. And their production is a creative, interesting and at the same time responsible process. Starting from sketches, layout, measurements, auditions, numerous adjustments and up to the latest refinements of the speaker settings, the goal is a lively and exciting sound of music.

Join us. Choose a quality sound. It does not really matter what you want to do either listening to your favorite album or watching a movie, because high-quality living sound can only enhance your emotions!