RS-II is a 2.5-way speaker system equipped with three active drivers: one high-frequency and two low-medium. A pair of identical mid-bass drivers sound in the low frequency range, in the midrange only the upper speaker works. This solution provides a large area of radiation at low frequencies and a wide pattern at medium and high frequencies.
The slot-type reflex port has a large cross-sectional area, placed vertically along the rear wall of the cabinet with an outlet in its lower part. This port design contributes to the high efficiency of low frequency radiation, provides a fast attack and depth of the bass range.


The cabinet of loudspeakers RS-II is made by layer gluing of the milled details from MDF. Inside the cabinet has a complex structure, walls of variable thickness from 20 to 40 mm. All internal parts: struts, stiffeners and partitions of the reflex port are integrated into the structure of the cabinet, which provides high rigidity and monolithicity of the entire structure. The inner volume is evenly filled with synthetic sound-absorbing material. High rigidity, complex internal structure and uniform filling of internal volume ensure the absence of harmful resonances.


RS-II are equipped with Seas drivers, which have excellent characteristics and are selected separately for each pair of speakers.
The cones of low-medium-frequency drivers with a diameter of 6.5 inches are made of paper pulp and reinforced with reed fibers.
The high-frequency 1-inch driver has a light silk dome diaphragm.


RS-II has specially designed filters that provide flat amplitude-frequency response and natural sound. Crossovers consist of 1st and 2nd order filters with a frequency distribution of 250 Hz and 2.7 kHz.
The crossovers include impedance correction networks. To reduce the impact of vibration, crossovers are installed in a separate insulated compartment.
Filters consist of high-quality parts with high accuracy of denominations, inductors are made to order.


The speakers have supports made of artificial stone and spiked legs with height adjustment, which allows accurate and reliable installation of speakers on the floor.
The connection to the amplifier is made by means of a pair of convenient reliable acoustic terminals. The linear impedance guarantees an equally flat amplitude-frequency response when connected to different types of amplifiers, both transistor and tube.


Speaker cabinets can be finished with veneer (more than 50 varieties), tinted, glossy or matte varnish, as well as painted with enamels in RAL colors.
The texture and color of the decoration can be selected individually or according with the design of your interior.


System 2.5-way, vented box
Type Passive, floorstanding loudspeaker system
Drivers Hi – ∅28mm, 2 х Mid/Low – ∅165mm
Crossovers 250 Hz (1st order), 2.700 Hz (2nd order)
Frequency response 45 Hz – 22.000 Hz, ±2 dB
Sensitivity 92 dB/1W/1m
Impedance 4 Ω, linear resistance
Recommended amplifier power 20 W – 250 W
Dimensions (H х W х D) 1120 х 250 х 275 mm
Weight 35 kg

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