Monitors RS-MII

• Large-format shelf speaker systems

• Neutral natural, “monitor” sound

• Best suited for sounding rooms up to 30m²

Description and configuration


2-way speaker systems with 8-inch low-midrange and 1.25-inch high-frequency drivers. A cabinet with a frontal bass-reflex slot-type port


The cabinet is made by layer-by-layer gluing of milled MDF parts. Inside, the cabinet has a complex structure, panels of variable thickness from 20 to 32 mm. All internal details: spacers, stiffeners and partitions of the bass reflex port are integrated into the structure of the cabinet, which ensures high rigidity and monolithicity of the entire structure.
The internal volume is evenly filled with synthetic sound-absorbing material.
High rigidity, complex internal structure and uniform filling of the internal volume ensure the absence of harmful resonances


Drivers are used by the world-famous manufacturer Seas, which have excellent characteristics. The cones of the H1288 mid-bass speakers are made of hand-coated paper. The H0881 extended frequency range tweeter features a lightweight silk dome diaphragm and additional acoustic chamber


Fine-tuned filters have a simple circuit, provide a uniform amplitude-frequency response and a neutral natural sound. In the filter circuits, high-quality elements with high accuracy of ratings are used, the inductors are made to order


Cabinets can be decorated with veneer, painted with enamels from the RAL color palette with a matte or glossy finish. The texture and color of the finish can be selected to match your interior design. The decorative grill with acoustically transparent fabric is fixed on hidden magnets


Speaker systems are designed to be installed on a shelf or on racks. The best option would be to install on racks with a height of 560 mm (22 inches)


System 2-way, bass-reflex
Type Passive
Drivers HF – ∅32mm, LF/MF – ∅200mm
Crossovers 1.600 Hz, 2-nd order
Frequency range 40 Hz – 25.000 Hz, ±2 dB
Sensitivity 90 dB/1W/1m
Impedance 8 Ω
Power 80 Ц (250 max)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 540 х 280 х 380 mm
Weight of one speaker 26 kg

Drawings and dimensions

Photo gallery

RS-MII from the inside