RS-MII. Project and production

2-way monitors based on 8-inch mid-bass drivers

The RS-MII is a large bookshelf speaker system for installation on low racks 560mm (22 inches) high or low furniture. This format of speaker systems is not widely distributed, but it is also in demand among many users. In terms of sound, the RS-MII occupies a place between floor-standing speakers such as the RS-II and small bookshelf speakers such as the RS-One.


Visualizations and drawings of various options

Enclosure production

Detailing, assembly, decoration, painting

Enclosures of speaker systems are made of milled MDF parts glued together in layers. Internal structural elements: stiffeners and a slot-type bass reflex port are integral parts of the case and together form a monolithic structure. The internal volume of the housing is evenly filled with sound-absorbing material. In this way, high rigidity of the enclosures and the absence of internal resonances are achieved.
Exterior finish: veneer, painting, matte varnish. The veneer is glued as a single sheet without joints on the visible parts of the enclosure.
Decorative grills are fixed on hidden magnets.

The heart of the system. Sound settings

Filter settings, measurements, live test listening, checking, final assembly

The RS-MII crossovers have a simple circuit thanks to the excellent characteristics of the Seas Prestige drivers. Low-pass and high-pass filters are 2nd order with minimal use of correction circuits. The graphs of the transfer functions of the filters have uniform straight sections in the working bands and smooth declines outside them. The crossover distribution frequency is 1.6 kHz.
The crossovers are configured in such a way as to provide a uniform frequency response along the acoustic axis within +/- 2 dB and a uniform directional pattern off the acoustic axis. You can observe this in frequency response graphs on and off the acoustic axis.
The average value of the resistance is 8 Ohms, the minimum is 6.2 Ohms at a frequency of 180 Hz. You can also see the bass reflex port setting with a center frequency of 38Hz on the impedance graph. The port picks up the work of the bass driver in the frequency range from 80 to 30 Hz, thus extending the frequency response towards low frequencies.

Photos of finished RS-MII monitors

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