We start the new year 2022 with new speakers!

RS-M1 monitors. Created for installation in niches of walls, false walls, furniture and also for a separate location.
The asymmetrical layout of the speakers allows you to place the speakers in different positions, creating the desired pattern of sound distribution. The left / right speakers have a mirror layout.
Sounding. Traditionally full-fledged, neutral, monitor, without emphasis on the edges of the frequency range. Classic 2-way design: 8-inch mid-bass driver with a paper cone in the cabinet with a bass reflex port + tweeter with a silk dome diaphragm.
Frequency range: 40 Hz … 25 kHz
Uniformity of frequency response: +/- 2 dB
Sensitivity: 90 dB / W / m
Power: 80 W (250 max.) Resistance: 8 Ohms
Crossovers: 2nd order with a distribution point at a frequency of 1.6 kHz
Speakers: Seas
Dimensions: 430x400x300mm
Decorative frames with acoustically transparent fabric and mounts on hidden magnets

Manufacturing process

Production of boxes, tuning crossovers, final assembly

Photos of finished RS-M1 monitors

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