RS-Arch-II. Final installation

Built-in home theater speaker systems

You can familiarize yourself with the beginning, the process of developing and manufacturing acoustic systems for this project at this link:


Installation, connection, check

The front pair and central speaker systems are mounted on specially made metal brackets that allow adjustment of the position and inclination of the speaker housings relative to the wall panels. Subwoofers are mounted on adjustable supports on the floor. In this way, a flat plane with wall panels and built-in speakers is created. At the same time, the speakers are structurally not connected to wall panels and built-in cabinets. This solution prevents the transmission of vibrations to the elements adjacent to the speakers and eliminates their unwanted resonances.
The receiver of multi-channel sound and other equipment of the audio system is located in a separate cabinet. This is a good solution for interior design, but it makes it difficult to control the receiver using the remote control. To solve this problem, the central channel speaker has an additional infrared remote control receiver, which is located on the front panel of the speaker and is hidden under the grill.
Power management of active subwoofers is automatic through a 12V trigger from the AV receiver. Subwoofers also have additional manual settings, access to which is hidden behind removable grills.
The decorative grills of all speakers are fixed using hidden magnets.


Speaker systems are installed, connected, ready to work

The speaker systems described above were individually created specifically for this project. The design and manufacture of these speakers were closely related to the interior design and its components.
You can order the design and manufacture of speaker systems specifically for your home theater or listening room interior.

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